Overhead Shockproof Barrier

Exclusively conceived to protect the upper part of doorways and gateways, the overhead barrier is available in two different versions of barrier profiles, Class V0 profile or
Class BT profile, with variable geometry shape which allows
a controlled deformation of the element in case of impact. It is offered in different lengths, standard or customizable as also the fixing spacers whose shape can be modified upon specific structural needs of the installation area.


BT Class Polymer

High elasticity in case of crashes also at low temperatures

V0 Class Polymer

Fire reaction: self-extinguishing maximum level

Variable geometry shockproof rofile with
high dynamic capacity and high energy dissipation in case of crashes

Excellent reaction at high temperatures up to +60°C

Excellent reaction at low temperatures down to -55°C

High waterproof level

In accordance with hygienic HACCP rules