Lexan Barrier

The ideal solution to protect pedestrian walkways and areas. Innovative, unique in its gender and eager to satisfy the demand of an high level of smart design and elegance such to be installed as basic requirement in Relax and Break Areas of industrial zones and public or private spaces. This type of barrier is easy to install inserting panels in appropriate guides made of Ertax material and placed on shockproof columns that are equipped with all technology and properties of the classic Go Systems shockproof bollard. Moreover, shockproof protection property is a result of the technology applied to columns combined with mechanical properties specific of Lexan panels characterized by high elastic memory (Lexan is used for automotive lighting units, helmet visors, safety helmet and shockproof shields for the police force). The panels are usually supplied in azure version or upon request in smoke grey and transparent version and in different thicknesses in order to reach the bulletproof property.


BT Class Polymer

High elasticity in case of crashes also at low temperatures

High dynamic capacity and high energy dissipation in case of crashes

High waterproof level

In accordance with hygienic HACCP rules