Planned to be the most suitable completion to existing curbs in automobile race tracks, the Extrakerb Bumper has its function in destabilising car without causing itself damages and in the pursue of driver’s safety. Made of special material, with a unique shape and equipped with special fixings Extrakerb guarantees maximum effort both over time and in circuits safeguard.



The growing attention addressed at circuits safety measures led to the study, the engineering and the ultimate implementation of our Barrier.
Its particular shape guarantees perfect covering of the existing guard rail and the expressly conceived fixing system allows both right matching to pre-existing shapes and high flexibility.
Main characteristics:
– Tested barrier’s material to avoid deterioration and preserve its structure over time
– Increase in drivers’ safety in case of injury
The high technical level achieved has led Go Systems to obtain the F.I.A. approval for the BAU.MWC01 Barrier, to be used in the “1 Category” circuits, as Formula 1 and MotoGP.