High Technology Applied

The application of high technology principles make Go Systems products, protection systems unique of its gender. Many structural features distinguish the exclusivity of our products, as:

ERTAX compound

Exclusive non-toxic techno plastic

Special technopolymer by us developed where molecules, connected one another into a reversible cross-linking structure, achieve the perfect synergic union between high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and excellent dimensional stability of the material letting the product be highly strain and wear resistant also under low temperature.

Dynamic SBS Fixing

Dynamic Tear Fixing

The protections have the maximum level of impacts reaction and flexibility. Results: compensation of the most common problems of rigid protections which are totally lacking of dissipative elastic memory (i.e. structural failure of the protections and bending of the fixing systems, floor damages)

I-Plast compound

Thermoplastic of our own engineering

It confers an exceptional elastic behavior which allows it to adapt perfectly to any deformation without cracking it cracking. It ensures high functionality; at low temperatures greatly improving the resistance to mechanical stresses.

Profiles of V0 Class

-3°C to +60°C

Available profiles in V0 fire retardant version, allows the maximum degree of flame retardancy and burning to the polymer source gives an excellent behavior to UV rays and other aging problems.

Profiles Class BT

-55°C to +60°C

Profiles also available in Low Temperature version, ideal for extreme temperature changes as in the case of application in cold storage, extreme outdoor environments, etc.

Additional Components

Research and innovation

Special gaskets and airbag caps for bollards and columns, high impact resistance end caps: leak-proof protections (suitable to installations in food and pharmaceutical industries)