BARRIERA percorso pedonale


Push and Pull Gate
Telescopic Gate




Right balance between delimitation and high frequency of passage. Lightweight and functional it turns out to be an excellent solution as borderline in pedestrian areas and walkways. The Push and Pull Gate is structured with shockproof profiles and equipped with memory return springs that ensure the automatic closing of the gate after workers passing through and ensuring in this way constant compliance with rules on safety. In addition to the standard version, on request and according to individual user requirements can be defined sizes and application of fasteners at 90° or 180° limitation.



Telescopic technology applied to this gate permits to border areas where at times there’s the need to guarantee access and transit not only for people but also for moving vehicles such as forklifts, trucks and similar. Through this innovative and functional solution is possible to obtain openings with available passage width up to 2,5 meters with only one unit and up to 5 meters with two joined units, one per side. The telescopic gate is structured with shockproof profiles and appropriate guides made of Ertax material placed on shockproof columns that are equipped with all technology and properties of Go Systems high-tech solutions. It is easy to install, useful to satisfy every day needs and with a pleasant design.


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